Our firm has been estabilished several years ago in Apulia, a region in the South of Italy that produces one of the best quality of durum wheat.

The name of "Cara Nonna" and the trade mark design have been chased so that it could give a purity image of the product, by the same handmade grandmother's pasta method, using the new technologies to obtain a special and competitive product.

Nowadays "CARA NONNA" is on the table of all northern EUROPE, USA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, and in LATIN AMERICA.

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About Cara Nonna
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Cara Nonna
Cara Nonna - Gourmet food from Apulia
Via L. Cannelonga - zona P.I.P.
Phone +39.0882.333496 - Fax +39.0882.333497
71016 San Severo [FG] ITALY